Sessions from Studio A - Seasonal Men's Wear

Mar 8, 2018

Seasonal Men’s Wear made a trip to WNIJ’s Studio A to give an original, rock performance. Throughout the last 12 years the band has rotated through many different band members and genres such as acoustic power violence. Before making any changes, Jake wanted to start a band intended to be "goofy". The band consisted of three guitars, an acoustic guitar, pots and pans and any other furniture they could find around the house. From then on, Jake was determined to find the right band. Throughout the years this set of musicians seems to be the best and longest fit for Seasonal Men’s Wear.

The band includes, Jake Joyce playing bass guitar and singing lead vocals, Connor McNerney playing guitar and back up vocals, Mike Finnigan on the drums and Tim Behrensmeyer playing lead guitar.

Seasonal Men’s Wear played six songs for us:

·       Theme Song for a Quarter- Life Crisis

·       Tiger Mask II

·       The Wine of Youth

·       A Salad or a Savior

·       Higher Learning, Stomach Churning

·       Ice Climbers

Seasonal Men's Wear performs "Theme Song for a Quarter-Life Crisis".

Be sure to find the band online on their Facebook @seasonalmenswear.