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Watch Senate Impeachment Trial Live

The Senate is holding a trial on the impeachment of President Trump, who is accused by the U.S. House of abusing his power and obstructing Congress. Each day of the trial will stream through this player as proceedings begin. At the conclusion of the trial, senators are expected to vote on whether Trump should be removed from office.

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Perspective: Whose History?

1 hour ago
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This month, The New York Times reported on divergent history textbooks in California and Texas schools. The same publisher caters to each region’s views: California’s says that rulings on the Second Amendment allowed for gun regulations. The Texas book doesn’t.

Connie Kuntz

Listen, believe, provide. That's the mission of Rockford's Family Peace Center. It will provide safety and services for survivors of violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder or dependent abuse, and human trafficking.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara announced that "Phase 1" of the center will open in the next six months. It will be located on North Main Street, across from the Coronado Theater.


On this episode of Drinkin’ with Lincoln, we’re not drinkin’ with Lincoln at all. Host Clint Cargile marks the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote with a special spinoff episode we’re calling Sippin’ with Suffragists. To celebrate the occasion, he travels to Galena, Illinois, to interview one of the most famous suffragists of all: Susan B. Anthony.

Guy Stephens

Voters in Winnebago County will decide whether to increase its sales tax by half a percent. The money would fund mental health services. 

Mary Ann Abate spent 41 years in mental health services as a social worker in Rockford, 25 of them on call.

“So every night," she said, "when anyone dealt with a psychiatric emergency in the emergency rooms from Janet Wattles Center or Rosecrance after that, I was consulted.”

Abate said that gave her a good idea of what is lacking in the county’s mental health system of care. 

Perspective: Connection To Home

Jan 23, 2020

With all of the headlines vying for attention, the rising of Lake Michigan and the loss of the lakeshore is one I’m particularly disturbed to see.

I’m from the Piedmont region of North Carolina, midway between the mountains and the coast. Like some who grow up amid such natural beauty and geographic diversity, I never truly appreciated these unearned windfalls that are North Carolina birthrights.

Egyptian Theatre Hard Hat Tours Showcase Renovations

Jan 22, 2020
Jenna Dooley

The discovery of King Tut’s tomb in the 1920s sparked pharaoh fever in architecture across the country.

One of the nation’s few remaining “Egyptian Theatres” is housed in downtown DeKalb. When it was built during the stock market crash, air conditioning wasn’t included. That’s been a problem ever since, says Executive Director Alex Nerad. He says there was an attempt to turn the building into a parking lot in the 1970s.

Guy Stephens

A Northern Illinois University professor is looking at ways to reduce incarceration rates for those dealing with mental illness. Professor of Sociology Fred Markowitz will continue his research in Finland thanks to a Fulbright research grant.

Markowitz said both Finland and the U.S have seen an increase in the number of mentally ill in jail as they cut back local treatment programs. He said in the U.S., it’s difficult to get good information on the impact of those cuts, or programs that might prevent jail time for those grappling with mental illness.

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The 34th Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition is underway in Rockford.

The event is hosted by the Rockford Park District and allows high school students and adults to compete through an unusual artistic medium -- snow.

John Beck is an alderman and works for the Park District. He said the event is a big attraction for the community.

Advocates for an accurate census count are claiming a mailer from an anti-immigration group constitutes a “disinformation” campaign. The letter, sent out last fall, calls itself a “Consensus Survey” and asks residents for their views on immigration policy.

Northern Illinois University

A Northern Illinois University professor has tips on how being frugal can help in business.

Professor Tim Michaelis admits he lives quite frugally, and traces his habits back to his grandparents. This was especially evident when his grandfather examined the family earnings. 

“Working, he did the math and realized if he was just going to save 5-10% of his salary, he would not retire. Which was what they were telling people to do at the time. Just kind of through my childhood, I learned to be cautious and careful with resources," he said.


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Rep Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the lead House impeachment manager said Wednesday that "We're trying this case to two juries: the Senate and the American people."

It's not just the prosecutors who are approaching the Senate trial as having two distinct audiences.

When thousands of anti-abortion rights activists march in Washington, D.C., on Friday, President Trump will be there. It's the first time a sitting president will address the March for Life, an annual event organized decades ago in response to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Morning News Brief

41 minutes ago

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There's a book you might have heard of by now. It's called American Dirt, and it's the much-hyped new novel from author Jeanine Cummins that was released this week.

It's the story of a Mexican woman named Lydia and her 8 year old son Luca, who flee their home and undertake a harrowing journey to the U.S. border after gunmen from a local drug cartel murder most of their family. It's been hailed as "a Grapes of Wrath for our times." In fact, that quote is on the cover of the book.

Amidst fears about cybersecurity and the spread of disinformation, New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary — along with the guardian of that tradition - is under scrutiny like never before.

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