Hundreds Of People At 2 LA Universities Quarantined Due To Measles Exposure

Hundreds of students and faculty at two universities in Los Angeles have been asked to stay home unless they can prove that they've been vaccinated against measles. The LA campuses of the University of California and California State University imposed the quarantine after they became aware of people infected with measles who had potentially exposed hundreds. At UCLA, a student exposed at least 500 people earlier this month; at Cal State, someone with measles went to a library and encountered...

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Illinois lawmakers want to divert more people convicted of crimes from prison to boot camp.

NIU Collaborates With Juvenile Detention Center

40 minutes ago
Sarah Jesmer

Teaching kids is hard. Timothy Mack would know a thing about that. He's been in the classroom for a while.

He's a graduate student for sports management, and also studied kinesiology at Northern Illinois University. He has a background working with kids. Now he teaches a program a bit like P.E., but with life skills, too.

"I run it, I structure it, I come up with a plan, activities, and our life skill of the day," Mack said.

If something goes wrong during his weekly class, he said, he calls Saint Anthony Lloyd.

Randy Sager

During World War II, Jewish prisoners in the Nazi concentration camp at Terezin learned Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem and performed it 16 times. This weekend at Northern Illinois University, that story of affirmation and defiance toward their captors will be commemorated through Verdi's music, historic film footage, testimonials from camp survivors, and narration. The program, Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezin, will be led by its creator, conductor Murry Sidlin. He's conducted it close to fifty times around the world.

Perspective: My Treatment For Mild Depression

2 hours ago
moakets / Pixabay

We all get depressed, some of us more than others. I suffer from mild depression, and when an attack comes, I head for the nearest large pharmacy. I don’t buy anything. I just roam the aisles.

I soon realize that I’m not the only one in pain. I see rows and rows of pain killers. I see that I’m not the only one with muscle aches. I see seventeen varieties of braces.

WNIJ's Twist On Take Your Daughter To Work Day

13 hours ago
Connie Kuntz

Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. It is a day that lets kids get a glimpse into the professional lives of their parents. Jocelyn Kuntz accompanied her mother to WNIJ. The 14-year-old got more than a glimpse, she got an education. We put her to work interviewing some of the parents who work in the office. She interviewed them in their favorite places. She started with News Director Jenna Dooley.

The former ethics watchdog for the Illinois General Assembly says the office is “broken.”

Julie Porter says as her term was ending earlier this year, lawmakers on the Legislative Ethics Commission buried a report in which she concluded one of their colleagues had engaged in wrongdoing.

Perspective: Drills Aren't Enough

Apr 25, 2019
AtelierKS / Pixabay

A school bus rumbled past the house. Then another, and another. It was mid-morning, long after school had started. By the time the caravan ended, there were about 12 buses parked, engines running, along two blocks. I asked one of the bus drivers what was happening. He said it was a drill.


Public health officials say they‘ll work to increase vaccination rates across Illinois.

The announcement comes as the the U.S. is expected to have the worst run of measles cases since the disease was deemed eliminated in the year 2000.

Cash Bond Practices Show Ripple Effects

Apr 24, 2019
Sarah Jesmer

Carolyn Williams has been taking care of her nephew's daughter for months. That's because her nephew is incarcerated.

"And even though the violation seemed to be pretty minor, he didn't have money to bond out," Williams said.

Williams came to the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Rockford recently to learn about how bond works in Illinois from Chicago's Community Bond Fund or the CCBF.

Perspective: An Ode To Opinions

Apr 24, 2019

They say you should always begin at the beginning,

but I ignored that advice.

I wrote the last line of this poem first.

Contrary ways are my vice.

If you don’t know where you are going,

you are very unlikely to get there.

So I wrote the very last line first,

to make my goal easy and clear.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at this thing,

if time and tide will allow.

The best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago,

but the second best time is now.

Each day at 8:50 I listen intently,


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Illinois lawmakers want to divert more people convicted of crimes from prison to boot camp.

Now that the 2020 Democratic field is pretty much set (barring a last minute Stacey Abrams or John Kerry bid) with former Vice President Joe Biden getting in Thursday, let's look at what we've learned so far about the field and what to watch for going forward:

1. How far does name identification go? Biden is a huge boulder in the lake, and his entry into the presidential campaign is sending ripples throughout the primary field. So far, he leads the pack. That's largely a product of the fact that people know the former vice president and recognize his name.

The Boston Celtics drafted John Havlicek in 1962, and he played for the team for 16 seasons — eight of them as NBA champions. He was voted one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history.

Havlicek died Thursday in Jupiter, Fla., at age 79. The cause of death wasn't immediately available, but Boston media report he had Parkison's disease.

The Celtics released a statement honoring Havlicek:

Peter Nunn is 32 and he's happy. He lives just outside Atlanta with his husband Monte, his dog Amelie, and their cat Hollow.

The dining room is decorated with a photo gallery wall of family — his husband dancing with his mother at their wedding and pictures of the couple. But it took a long time and work to get to a place where Nunn said he accepted and loved himself.

As a gay man, Nunn said, his father tried to change him.

CIA Joins Instagram

2 hours ago

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