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Reporting from in and around Illinois.

Listen to Statewide on WNIJ Saturdays 6-7 a.m. and Sundays 6-7 p.m.

  • Supporters of school dress codes say they help promote discipline and can actually improve safety of students. But many find them discriminatory and sexist. We'll hear how some students have pushed back on the policy. And Sears is closing its final store in Illinois. We recap the rise and fall of what was once the nation's largest retailer. These stories and more on Statewide.
  • COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been implemented as a way to increase the number of people getting the shots. However, both the federal and state orders allow those with religious objections to skip the vaccinations. Governments have protected that choice for years. But during a pandemic, there are concerns some are exploiting a loophole. We examine the history of religious exemptions and efforts to tighten the rules. We also hear how the return to the classroom hasn't been easy for some young learners. Those stories and more on this week's Statewide.
  • The NFL's Chicago Bears have called Soldier Field home since 1971. But the team is apparently eyeing a suburban site. Can Chicago keep the Bears in the city? And what would the club gain by moving? That story and more on this week's Statewide.
  • This week, the story of women who worked at the Radium Dial Company factory in Ottawa, using radium-laced paint on glow-in-the-dark clocks and watches. Unaware of the health risks, many died from radium poisoning. Their case became a landmark moment in the workers' rights movement. Also, we'll hear about the stress on health care facilities in southern Illinois amid the latest COVID-19 surge. Those stories and more on Statewide.
  • On this episode, we learn about a woman who helped save millions of lives. Alice Hamilton fought industry leaders, politicians and even some employees to improve workplace safety. That story and more on this week's Statewide.
  • On this episode, we learn more about an investigation into rampant unemployment fraud during the pandemic. Could Illinois have been more prepared?A proposal awaiting the governor's signature is being hailed by home bakers and other cottage food entrepreneurs. It would give them more options to sell their goods.And how did a piano wind up on a state park hiking trail? Those stories and more on Statewide.
  • On this week's Statewide, as the country marks a century since the Tulsa Race Massacre, we'll hear about what's known as "The Red Summer" of 1919. Racial violence and death occurred in many cities, including Chicago. An author will tells what happened. And this past year has seen a strong push for racial justice. We'll look back on the impact it's had on some in northern Illinois.
  • Throughout the midwest, pandemic restrictions are being eased. That's good news for smaller communities who rely on the economic boost of annual...
  • The pandemic has meant students were taught online and away from a normal classroom environment. Many have succeeded, even thrived. Others are failing....
  • On this episode, we sit down with the top Democrat and Republican in the Illinois House to hear their thoughts on the state's budget picture and what they…