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Sessions from Studio A - The Bare Hambones

Carl Nelson
The Bare Hambones perform in WNIJ's Studio A.

The Bare Hambones stopped by WNIJ’s Studio A to give an energetic hoedown of a performance! This Chicago-area band mixes the sounds of bluegrass, folk, rockabilly, and outlaw-country with the texture of piano and mandolin -- the main instruments. The band includes Tim Larsen on piano and lead vocals, Michael Brown on acoustic guitar, Brad Riverdahl on drums, Tony Kubicek playing bass and Mike Marshall on mandolin. Since their performance in Studio A, The Bare Hambones added a sixth member to the band named Jeff Cali, playing lead guitar.

The band formed in 2012, but after a rebuild they found their official band and had their first gig together in September of 2013. They recorded their first “real deal” album in 2016 called Time for Kicking, recorded at Kiwi Audio in Batavia, Ill. The band performed six songs from their album here at WNIJ’s Studio A.

The Bare Hambones perform "Time for Kicking" in WNIJ's Studio A.


  • 217 Blackstone
  • Table for One
  • You Have No Idea
  • Last Days
  • The Town Square
  • Good Time Tonight
  • Time for Kicking

Their unique sound set the tone for the session and it was a pleasure to have them in the studio. Check out The Bare Hambones at Danny’s On Douglas in Elgin, Ill., on Saturday, Feb. 24th, at 8 p.m.,  thebarehambones.com, or Facebook: @TheBareHambones.   

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