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Sessions from Studio A - Funktional Family

Carl Nelson
Funktional Family performs in WNIJ's Studio A

WNIJ's Sessions from Studio A has a growing reputation as a showcase for energetic performances, and Funktional Family brought their A game. This band features members of Backwoods Bunny Fight, another band we featured. It includes Anthony Padilla on guitar and vocals, Hal Koenig playing bass guitar, Kenny Kryger with guitar and vocals, Stefanie Kryger contributing acoustic guitar and vocals, Timarie Padilla with vocals, Jim Hurley on the drums, and Eric Olson with hand percussion and vocals. Their combined influences come together to form a sound that is funky, bluesy and jam rock-y. The band incorporates a wide variety of textures, using the cello, violin, bells, udu drums and anything else they can get their hands on.

They formed in Kirkland in 2000 when Anthony, Stefanie, Timarie and Kenny were working on an acoustic project. Anthony’s mother booked a gig for him to play and told him that he needed a full band to play the gig. Funktional Family was immediately assembled, and within two months they performed that first gig together. Their two albums -- Album and Way -- differ from each other, from songwriting to the way they were recorded. Their latest performance features eight songs recorded live in WNIJ’s Studio A.


·       Brokeass Blues

·       Take Yer Children Home

·       Shut Me Down

·       God Bless the World

·       Hate Crime

·       The Message

·       Headed for the Falls

·       Troublebound

Funktional Family performing "God Bless the World" in WNIJ's Studio A.

Their wide variety of instruments set the tone for a great session. It was a pleasure to have them in the studio. Check out Funktional Family at Kiss the Sky in Batavia, Ill., on Sunday, March 11th at 7 p.m., funktionalfamily.bandcamp.com , or on Facebook @Funktionalfamilyband.  

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