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From Here To Uruguay | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

Peter Medlin
Uruguayan teachers in Illinois for Fulbright scholarship

On this week’s show: James Cohen. He’s an associate professor of ESL & bilingual education at Northern Illinois University. He’s also a former Fulbright Scholar who has lived in several different countries across the world and most recently taught in Uruguay.


I talked to James about his time in the Peace Corps in Sri Lanka & the reverse culture shock he felt coming back to the United States, teaching in Uruguay and bilingual education. He’s also taught and done research on undocumented students, and we talked about what it’s like for one of his areas of expertise to become a national controversy.


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Credit Northern Illinois University
James Cohen


Educator(s) in this episode:

James Cohen

Stories Featured in this episode:

Uruguayan Fulbright Teachers Bring Cultural Exchange To Illinois Classrooms

Proposed Bill Would Require Illinois High Schools With Native American Mascots To Receive Approval From Local Tribes

DeKalb County Schools Update Plans To Respond To Coronavirus


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