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That Nagging Feeling Hits Us All

Sophi’s poem appeared on my desk late one day. Half-way through my rushed reading, I slowed, considering her intention.

By the end, I realized Sophi’s desire — to understand her ambition — is universal. Sometimes dreams take time to surface and, while we wait to identify them, a feeling of unrest can take over.

Here’s Sophi’s poem:

A Feeling I have a constant feeling. In my chest, my head, my neck. It feels like I had something to do, But I haven’t done it yet. I checked my planners I’ve completed it all, But I still have a feeling there’s work growing tall. I have a constant jitter that flows from head to toe, What I haven’t finished, is something I don’t know. It’s a constant hollow in my stomach that won’t go away. It’s a reminder that tells me I can’t just play. The feeling is an alarm, that has no reason to be set. The tiny voice in my brain saying, “You’re not finished yet!” I search for a reason, but nothing comes to mind. Perhaps my feeling is just running out of time. But I have all the time in the world, of night and of day. There is no assignment I haven’t finished, No price I have to pay. I sit here writing, wondering, where could this feeling lead? This feeling of anxiety that might never leave me be.

No matter our age, we all struggle with unrest toward the future. If we engage that feeling’s power, we can unleash ourselves and shake loose a new idea.

I’m Elsa Glover, and that’s my perspective.

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