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Drinkin' With Lincoln Episode 5: Abe & The Babe

Drinkin’ with Lincoln returns! For our season 2 premiere, we visit with Abe and Mary Lincoln presenters Max and Donna Daniels, also known as Abe & the Babe. Max and Donna’s career has spanned three decades and they are known in the Lincoln community for their humor, their generosity, and for mentoring a new generation of Lincoln presenters.

In part one, we join Abe & the Babe at the Chicagoland Civil War Collectors Show in Wheaton, Illinois. We’ll tag along as they chat with guests, pose for photos, and search for some collectibles of their own.

Then it’s time to sit down for good drinks and good conversation at Dry City Brew Works in downtown Wheaton. Max and Donna share how they met, how they got into Lincoln presenting, and the grueling road schedule they’ve kept for 30 years. Get ready for Max’s good humor, Donna’s infectious laughter, and plenty of insight into Abraham and Mary Lincoln along the way.

If there are any Lincoln topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes, or Lincoln presenters you’d like us to interview, drop us a line at lincoln@niu.edu.

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Show Notes

Lincoln Presenters:

Max & Donna Daniels


Mana Kintorso (performed live on Sessions from Studio A)

Battlefield Balladeers

Locations Visited:

Chicagoland Civil War Collector Show, Wheaton, Ill.

Interview Location:

Dry City Brew Works, Wheaton, Ill.

C-SPAN Lincoln-Douglas Debates:

Ottawa Debate Re-Enactment (Max Daniels as Lincoln)

All 7 of C-SPAN Lincoln-Douglas Debate Re-Enactments

Other Lincoln Presenters:

Laura Keyes (Mary Lincoln)

Dan Bassuk

Jim Getty

Jim Gayan (Stephen Douglas)

Association of Abraham Lincoln Presenters (ALP)


Tom Dyba

Tear Catchers

Mankato Massacre

Clint Cargile is the host of This Week in Illinois History and the creator and host of the podcast Drinkin’ with Lincoln.
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