Sessions From Studio A

Thursday Evening At 7PM & Saturday At Noon

Sessions From Studio A is a local program dedicated to showcasing regional and touring musicians,  featuring  performances recorded in our very own Studio A in DeKalb.

The program presents genres of music ranging from folk to indie rock, blues, alternative country, Americana, world music and more, in a way that provides the listener with a live concert experience. Hosted by Spencer Tritt, these performances are accompanied by interviews with the artists who discuss their inspirations, aspirations, and the stories behind their original songs.

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Sessions from Studio A - Mark Walters (Kram)

Feb 25, 2021

Paralysis by Analysis is the new album out now from DeKalb artist Mark Walters, also known as Kram. Join us for this week's show featuring music from that album and more, performed live in WNIJ's Studio A. We'll also talk with Mark Walters about his background, inspirations, and about writing and producing Paralysis by Analysis.   

Sessions from Studio A - Glory Days

Feb 18, 2021

Glory Days is a high-energy pop punk and alternative band from the Chicago suburb of Wauconda. Their debut record "The Roads We've Traveled" was released in 2016, shortly after the band's formation, and they've released a string of singles in the past few years.

Sessions from Studio A - the bellow & the whale

Feb 11, 2021

We are joined this week by the incredibly talented duo the bellow & the whale for their second appearance on our show! Join us for a talk with Julia Lee Norris and Bianca Goyette about their new pair of EPs, including The Noise Still Lingers and their brand new EP coming out tomorrow.

You can find those EPs available on their Bandcamp page, and be sure to check out more from the bellow & the whale on their website.

Sessions from Studio A - Krystee Wylder

Feb 4, 2021

Join us for original music by Krystee Wylder on this week's show. Krystee is a central Illinois native who has spent time living in Rockford and Chicago. Her sound is a unique mix of singer-songwriter folk and pop. Hear her live performance in Studio A and check out some behind the scenes videos below. We'll also talk with Krystee about her background, her music, and about how she almost lost the ability to sing forever... that's all on this week's edition of Sessions from Studio A!

Sessions from Studio A - Derek Luttrell

Jan 21, 2021
Corporate Panda Records

Derek Luttrell returns to Sessions from Studio A on this week's episode. We've heard Derek on the show before with his bands Name the Moon and more recently Sickhorse, but this time he's back with a new solo album, The Wolf Who Cried Boy. Join us as we listen through The Wolf Who Cried Boy and talk with Derek Luttrell about putting the album together.

Sessions from Studio A - The Reggie Thomas Quartet

Jan 14, 2021

Jazz returns to Sessions from Studio A this week with The Reggie Thomas Quartet, featuring acclaimed pianist and current head of Jazz Studios at Northern Illinois University, Reggie Thomas, along with guitarist Bobby Broom, drummer George Fludas, and bassist Dennis Carroll. The quartet gives us a passionate performance in Studio A, and we'll also hear a conversation with band members about their jazz backgrounds and their thoughts on the social justice protests of the past year. 

Sessions from Studio A - Cora Vasseur

Jan 7, 2021

Join us for original music from DeKalb singer-songwriter Cora Vasseur. Cora is a newer songwriter who has had a unique path to music. She started songwriting while in Second City's Comedy Writing program, and first began to sing while at her current job working with children with autism, when she discovered her voice helped calm the students.

Sessions from Studio A - Renee Nanzer

Dec 3, 2020

Chicago multi-instrumentalist and music teacher Renee Nanzer is our special guest this week. We'll hear a performance from her recorded live here in Studio A, and we'll also talk with Renee about her experience working with Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. Renee is part of the school's outreach program, where she visits underserved neighborhoods in the city and brings her love of music to the youth living there. 

Sessions from Studio A - Cathy Grier

Nov 19, 2020

Blues artist Cathy Grier joins us on this week's edition of Sessions from Studio A. Grier's musical adventure has taken her many places, from sneaking backstage to meet John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt at age 17, to winning MTV's Basement Tapes competition, to co-writing a #1 dance hit in France. Thoughout her journey, Grier has never forgotten her blues and groove roots, and this year she makes a big statement with the new album "I'm All Burn".

Sessions from Studio A - Glitter

Nov 12, 2020

Rockford duo Glitter makes a big statement with their debut album "The Men We Could Have Been". After years of playing in rock and punk bands, guitarist/vocalist Ben Johnson and drummer Jordan Acosta were sick of the over-the-top egos and macho attitudes, so they wanted to go in a completely different direction.

Sessions from Studio A - Anna May

Nov 5, 2020

Singer-songwriter Anna May was scheduled to stop by Studio A on her way through Illinois back in April. 2020 had different plans for us, but we liked her new album so much we knew we needed to get her on the show anyways, so she joins us on the phone from her hometown of Waterford, Connecticut. Listen to her new album, "I'm Still Thinking of You" and join us for a conversation with Anna May in this hour of Sessions from Studio A.

Sessions from Studio A - The Flips

Oct 29, 2020

The Flips are a five-piece rock band from Chicago with a big, big sound. I asked them to describe their music and they answered with one word: "loud". Hear their live performance at WNIJ on this edition of Sessions from Studio A and join us for a conversation with the band about their backgrounds, life since COVID, and more. 

Sessions from Studio A - Eric Peter Schwartz

Oct 15, 2020

Singer-songwriter Eric Peter Schwartz joined us in Studio A with his trusty road sidekick, Tourbot. Eric's music is incredibly dynamic, he plays everything from quirky songs about Dungeons & Dragons to deep ballads about a marriage ending. He even released two ambient albums this year, along with a triology of albums called "The Isolation Tapes". 

Sessions from Studio A - Sweetie

Oct 1, 2020

Punk rock duo Sweetie joins us on Sessions from Studio A this week! We'll hear songs from their new album "Bad Thing Sweet Thing" which is out now on Bandcamp and all your usual streaming platforms. Also join us for a conversation with guitarist Alli Carroll and drummer Joe Pennington about their new album, social activism, the DeKalb music scene and more. 

Sessions from Studio A - Sickhorse

Sep 24, 2020
Corporate Panda Records

Songwriting duo Derek Luttrell and Mossy Vaughn return to Sessions from Studio A this week with their new band and debut album, Sickhorse. They've graced our studio previously with the band Name the Moon - and what originally started as writing for Name the Moon turned into something else entirely as the songs took on a different character. We'll talk with songwriter and guitarist Mossy Vaughn on his front porch in Rockford, and also get on the phone with Zach Staas, head of Corporate Panda Records in Nashville.

Sessions from Studio A - Bottom Bracket

Sep 10, 2020

Bottom Bracket is a emo rock trio from Springfield, IL who just recently released a new album titled "I Don't Care Enough to Stay". Emo rock is a style that grew from the punk and post-punk scenes of the late 80's and early 90's, but features more complex melodies, experimental song structure, and an emphasis on emotional vocals. Bottom Bracket brings their own unique sound to the genre, with influences from math rock that is evident in guitarist Mario Cannamela's intricate playing and tapping. Listen to Bottom Bracket's live performance in Studio A right here!

Sessions from Studio A - Amelia Harlovic

Aug 13, 2020

A recent graduate of Northern Illinois University's School of Music, singer-songwriter Amelia Harlovic is now based in Chicago, where she has kept busy during the pandemic writing and recording new songs. She joined us in Studio A for a performance alongside DeKalb's Chris Kenney on drums. Listen to her full performance and an interview with Amelia Harlovic on this new edition of Sessions from Studio A!

Sessions from Studio A - Joe Jencks

Aug 6, 2020

Folk artist Joe Jencks makes his living as a touring musician, sometimes on the road as many as 300 days a year. Like so many others, his world was turned upside down this year, but he uses his music to get through these tough times. Listen for a great conversation with Jencks where we discuss social activism, Pete Seeger, and the power of folk music as a voice for and of the people. We will also hear songs performed live here in WNIJ's Studio A.

Sessions from Studio A - Dan Maguire

Jul 23, 2020

Back in March of this year, Dan Maguire joined us with Lucy Brearley and John Kielty to kick off our first ever Studio A Cafe concert. That live concert series had to be cut short, but we are excited to bring Dan Maguire's live performance to you on Sessions from Studio A.

Listen to Maguire's performance in front of a live audience and also hear our talk with the Rockford singer-songwriter about his background, influences, and much more. Keep up with Dan Maguire at his website:   

Sessions from Studio A - Extinguish the Sun

Jul 9, 2020

Things are getting heavy on this week's edition of Sessions from Studio A featuring alternative metal band Extinguish the Sun, from Dixon, IL. We will hear songs performed live from their debut album, Antihero, and their latest EP Oceans, which was released last October. Check out their full set in Studio A and an interview with the band right here. It's a headbanger edition of Sessions from Studio A this week with Extinguish the Sun! 

Sessions from Studio A - Gurler Folk Music Festival

Jun 25, 2020

Like so many events this summer, DeKalb's annual Gurler Folk Music Festival had to be postponed due to COVID-19. But we wanted to find a way to celebrate the festival's 20th anniversary, so we are bringing the festival to you this year. Join us for a celebration of folk and traditional music with performances from Dave Balika and Friends, roots and jazz guitarist Jim Kanas, and folk trio Heath, Nathan, and Jessie.

Join us for two modern guitar virtuosos on this week's episode, Fareed Haque and Goran Ivanovic. The duo released a pair of albums in the 2000's to critical acclaim, but busy schedules and other musical endevours put their playing together on hiatus. That hiatus came to an end this year with the duo's new album IndoBalkan.

Sessions from Studio A - Jim and Sam

Jun 4, 2020

In 2017, singer-songwriters Jim and Sam accomplished something few artists could ever imagine doing: they played a concert every single day for a whole year. The journey took them all across the United States and through 14 different countries.

Sessions from Studio A - Pioneer Salesmen

May 21, 2020

Pioneer Salesmen are a four-piece band from down south of the state in Alton, IL. Their music is high-energy with infectiously catchy hooks and riffs. They have a sound inspired by the classic rock of the 60's mixed with more modern rock bands like Arctic Monkeys.

Sessions from Studio A - The Honey Dewdrops

May 7, 2020

We left Studio A for this week's episode and headed to Severson Dells Nature Center in Rockford, where we caught a set from Baltimore husband and wife duo, The Honey Dewdrops.

The Honey Dewdrops performing "Silver Lining" live at Severson Dells Nature Center

Sessions from Studio A - Micky Torpedo

Apr 23, 2020

We have a unique episode of Sessions from Studio A this week. Like so many others, the current pandemic has put our normal work on hiatus. Join us for a special "quarantined" edition of the show featuring ambient music from Rockford's Micky Torpedo.

Micky is releasing four ambient albums this year, based on the changing moods of each season. We'll hear music from his Winter and Spring Cycle albums this hour. We also sat down to chat virtually with Micky about his approach to writing music, as well as his involvment in Rockford's Rock and Roll Institute. 

Sessions from Studio A - Public Radio Music Day

Apr 16, 2020

Listen to a special edition of Sessions from Studio A this week, as celebrate the first ever Public Radio Music Day. Sessions has been on the air for 4 years and has had over 100 artists featured on the show. In this episode, we'll take a listen back through the years to a variety of performances recorded for Sessions from Studio A.

Sessions from Studio A - Dark Heart News

Apr 9, 2020

Dark Heart News is a high-energy rock and roll trio from Chicago. They have a wide range of influences from rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The White Stripes, to blues masters such as Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hear Dark Heart News' full performance in Studio A right here!

You can keep up with the band and purchase their music at their website

Sessions from Studio A - Crystal Gravy

Mar 26, 2020

Join us for the music of Crystal Gravy, of DeKalb, IL. They are a love-struck duo who even spent their first date writing their first song. We'll hear their performance in Studio A and talk with Crystal Gravy about their writing process, their relationship, and much more. We will even learn what "Hotel Stew" is.

Keep up with Crystal Gravy by following their Facebook page. Find more of their music streaming on Spotify and available for download on Bandcamp!

Join us for the music of Fuzzlove on this week's Sessions from Studio A! This genre-blending band from DeKalb has a huge range of influences from jazz, to funk, to hard rock. They stopped by Studio A and played some new, unreleased songs that the band has planned for their upcoming sophomore album.

Keep up with Fuzzlove by following them on their Facebook page.