Batavia, IL – Northern Illinois University and Fermilab are set to re-open a cancer treatment center in January. The procedure is called "neutron therapy" and has been used to treat thousands of people in the past 30 years.

DeKalb, IL – The Education Department wants to track every student moving through the U.S. higher education system. WNIJ's Dan Klefstad talks with NIU Registrar Don Larson about how the change would affect students, and Northern Illinois University.

DeKalb – Northern Illinois' Latino population continues to grow at a fast pace, mirroring the nation's growth figures. The increase has brought a demand for Spanish language and bilingual services. A new publication in DeKalb seeks to fill the need.

WNIJ's Simone Orendain has this profile of El Periodico Lo Nuestro or "The Newspaper That's Ours."

DeKalb, IL – WNIJ reporter Chris Lehman talks with Morning Edition host Dan Klefstad about the new systems and procedures at Byron, and what they'll cost.

Paw Paw, IL – The Mendota Hills wind farm turned one year old in November. Its operators say the project has been a success. WNIJ's Dan Klefstad spoke with reporter Chris Lehman, who toured the wind farm recently.

Rockford, Il. – Commuter rail service to Rockford is not only feasible, it has extraordinary potential. That's according to a Federally-funded study that was recently unveiled. WNIJ's Chris Lehman reports...

Rockford, IL – National Public Radio talk show host Diane Rehm was the guest of honor at a listener luncheon at Cliffbreakers in Rockford on November 16th, 2004. Rehm helped WNIJ celebrate Northern Public Radio's 50th anniversary. She spoke about her 25 years in radio and answered questions from WNIJ supporters. You can hear her remarks which run approximately 40 minutes, introduced by Northern Public Radio General Manager Tim Emmons, by clicking on the audio link.

DeKalb, IL – Both conservatives and liberals express moral values in their political speeches. In the 2004 Presidential election, conservatives won. Was their message the right one, or was it delivered better?

Rockford, IL – The 16th Congressional District stretches from Crystal Lake to Galena and down in DeKalb County. This years race for Congress is a rematch of the 2002 contest. Congressman Don Manzullo is being challenged by Democrat John Kutsch.

Both candidates participated in a studio debate moderated by WNIJs Susan Stephens. A coin toss determined that Kutsch
would go first: the candidates are given one minute for opening statements, and two minutes to answer each question, with alternating 30-second rebuttals.

Woodstock, IL – The 63rd Illinois House District includes western and northern McHenry County. Incumbent Democrat Jack Franks is facing a challenge from Republican Perry Moy. WNIJs Chris Lehman reports.

DeKalb, IL – The long-time incumbent in Illinois 35th Senate District has a challenger for a change. WNIJs Simone Orendain reports.

McHenry County, IL – Voters in the 32nd senate district will choose between a career politician and a political novice. WNIJs Chris Lehman reports:

DeKalb, IL – 14th District Congressman Dennis Hastert usually has an opponent every election. This time around, his challenger, Ruben Zamora, appears to toe the Democratic Party line more closely and clearly than Hasterts previous opponents. WNIJs Simone Orendain reports.

DeKalb County, IL – Its been less than a year since Republican Bob Pritchard was appointed to take over for state Representative Dave Wirsing, who died in office last Fall. Now Pritchard faces his first general election race for the 70th district House seat: he's being challenged by Democrat Bob Brown.

DeKalb, IL – DeKalb County States Attorney Ron Matekaitis is the only democrat elected to a county-wide office in DeKalb County. He faces Republican challenger Clay Campbell in a contentious race to retain his seat.

Rockford, IL – The two candidates running for State Representative in Illinois 68th District went head to head on the issues in WNIJs Rockford studio.

WNIJs Simone Orendain moderated the debate between State Representative Dave Winters and Rockton engineer Carroll Brumfield.

Peru, IL – The state political parties are pouring money into the State Senate race in the 38th District. Democrat Pat Welch of Peru is seeking his eighth term. He's being challenged by Republican Gary Dahl of Granville.

The 38th District includes LaSalle, Kankakee, and Grundy counties. Its one of a handful of Democrat-held Senate seats being targeted by the state G.O.P. WNIJs Susan Stephens spoke with the two candidates and has this report.

Chicago, IL – This election season has been peppered with religious references from the question of Jesus' voting habits in Illinois' U-S senatorial race to Catholic bishops denying a presidential candidate the Eucharist.

WNIJ's Simone Orendain spoke with a playwright who just directed a one-act play that tackles a hot-button religion issue.

DeKalb, IL – WNIJ's Dan Klefstad interviews Pam Weisman, the Executive Director of Safe Passage. Safe Passage assists victims of domestic violence in DeKalb County.

Weisman says the new federal rule could threaten her clients' lives because a central database makes it easier for batterers to locate their victims. Weisman says Safe Passage may forgo federal funding in order to protect its clients.

Rockford, IL – It's less than a month until the election. This is usually the time we see a bump in campaign yard signs. But in this presidential election Kerry-Edwards signs are in short supply in Illinois.

Rockford, IL – The Rockford Symphony Orchestra presents "An Evening With Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne Galway" for its 70th Anniversary Gala Concert this week in the Coronado Theatre. WNIJ's Guy Stephens talked with James Galway, and has this report.

Hinckley, IL – This year's Senate race in Illinois has attracted a good deal of national attention. Democrat Barack Obama was praised for his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Republican Alan Keyes was recruited from Maryland after the original Republican nominee, Jack Ryan, quit the race. Keyes has wasted no time in getting some headlines of his own.

But when you go to the polls in November, you'll find two other names on your ballot: Albert Franzen and Jerry Kohn. Kohn is the Libertarian Party candidate.

Oak Lawn, IL – There are four names on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Illinois. The two major party candidates are well-known and yesterday, we learned about the independent. Today we'll meet the Libertarian on the ballot, Jerry Kohn.

Rockford, IL – Rockford's Artists' Ensemble Theater presents Pulitzer Prize-winner "Dinner With Friends" as its opener for the company's premiere season. Guy Stephens talks to two members of Artists' Ensemble who are also in the cast of the play.

Rockford, IL – Rockford's Studio Zoom has won a Rockford Area Music Industry Award. Yet few in the community know much, if anything, about it. WNIJ's Guy Stephens paid a visit to Studio Zoom, and has this report.

Rockford, IL – The closing act on WNIJ's Left Bank Stage features two very different Blues guitarists. Jimmy Thackery and Tab Benoit say they've learned a lot from playing together. And they say they've created a whole new sound. WNIJ's Patrick Sheehan has more...

Rockford, IL – Singer-guitarist Deborah Coleman is coming to Rockford. WNIJ's Dan Klefstad has this profile.

Rockford, IL – A powerful young singer is coming to Rockford's "On the Waterfront." Renee Austin fell in love with blues and gospel music when she was a child. Now, she's on her first nationwide tour, making her dream come true. WNIJ's Patrick Sheehan has more...

Rockford, IL – The Federal Government is making it easier for people to get a pilot's license. Starting this month, you can get a license to fly in just half the time it took before. But as WNIJ's Chris Lehman reports, the new license comes with a few catches.

Rockford, IL – The Blooze Brothers are a Chicago-based tribute to Jake and Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers film. WNIJ's Carl Nelson spoke with Chuck Little, who plays Elwood.