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Perspective: Stand Up And Be Counted

adapted from work by Karen Arnold

April 1st, 2020 is fast approaching. This year it is not an ordinary April Fool’s Day. This April 1st is Census Day 2020. The day that has been designated for everyone to be counted. Everyone regardless of your citizenship status. Everyone is counted regardless of age. And you will be counted where you are living on that day. 


In less than five minutes by answering seven brief questions you will be able to be part of making the largest possible impact on every nonprofit social service agency in your county. Think about it -- if you care about the work and impact of nonprofits who serve your neighbors, by filling out your census form on the first, you will be part of helping them to secure the most grant aid possible. 


What’s at stake is $675 billion dollars annually for the next ten years, which is over $6 trillion by 2030. 


If you do your part by filling out the census on April 1st you will be able to say you helped preserve our accurate representation in the House of Representatives. You can say you were part of providing adequate funding for local health services, school projects, and public transportation services. 


This week your invitation letter arrives with a special code you will need to fill out the Census, and use it beginning the week of March 27th on-line or on the phone. It matters if you join the count. Everyone matters. You count in more ways than you know. 


I’m Dan Kenney and this is my perspective.  


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