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Perspective: Finding Hope At Christmas In A Divided America


As I write this it is a cold clear night. It is also the night our President was impeached. A sad day for our Country regardless of your political view.  It has been a day of bitter bickering and angry politically based debating, a day of us versus them, which has left me feeling sad and anxious.

When you hear this it will be two days before Christmas. A time of year for being together, yet this year we as a Country, will be as divided as we have ever been.

Civil discord has always been the greatest threat to America’s security. Intentionally, internally destroying our sense of “we” has always been the greatest danger to the republic.

Today was another example of our inability to distinguish between politics and civics. Politics is about the use of power, how it is acquired and used.

Civics is about who we are as a people. A strong nation requires a framework of shared values. If we push politics and civics together we squeeze out community. Instead of opposing views there is contempt for “them.”

Tonight, as we move closer to the birth of the Prince of Peace, take a moment to light a candle against the dark. Take a moment to consider what is lost when we cannot agree first on the universal dignity of all people. And consider that only with love can there be hope of our Country achieving a true sense of we

I'm Dan Kenneyand that's my perspective.

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