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The Power Of American Opportunity

Summer vacation allows kids this opportunity to live their own dreams for a short time.

Kids all around me are breaking down their classroom’s four walls to engage in a larger learning experience.  This month, I’ve seen kids taking classes, learning new instruments, practicing a foreign language, working a job, paddling the Boundary waters, exploring their minds, talents, and interests.  


These kids’ American Dreams of opportunity and learning inspire me.

Looking around, we can identify many living that American Dream -- leading a life true to purpose. Our nation allows us a freedom to work toward that truth. It is a great power to have that opportunity.

I was named after my great-grandmother, a Finnish immigrant. Over 100 years ago, Elsa Pykkonen arrived in the US much like any other immigrant, with little money, unable to speak English, and a heart full of hope. Elsa’s life was difficult before she and her husband landed a beautiful farm and raised their family. Her American Dream – a desire, an opportunity to live the way she wanted – rings true today.  And I proudly carry on her dream.

Looking at those kids trying to immigrate to our nation, we can see so much similarity. Like our kids, today’s immigrants seek opportunity and the American Dream. Their dreams matter.  

When we look past our fear, embrace the obstacles, and open our hearts, we can welcome immigrants.  And then their dreams can help shape our future.

I’m Elsa Glover and that’s my perspective.


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