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Avoiding Those Trojan Horses

Last week my daughter studied the story of the Trojan Horse, where the Greeks trick the Trojans into accepting a gift of a huge wooden horse only to find it’s filled with Greek soldiers. That horse was amazing – a grand gesture the Greeks made after 10 years of grueling war.

Yet Julia questioned why anyone would accept this horse. How could the Trojans be so short sighted?

Different versions of the myth portray some Trojans questioning the Greeks’ intent. But no one listens. Why don’t we listen to reason?

Throughout life, we are confronted with things that seem amazing, only to be duped. How then do we step aside and not get caught up in the hoopla?

A case in point is my social media. I am utterly distracted with checking other people’s posts. And to what point? Social media can be used for some great networking. However, it’s my Trojan horse with attention and time.

That’s where my story must shift: I’m invoking the reason thing and have erased the social media from my phone.

By limiting my social media to pass time, I hope to be less of a slave to my phone, to minimize my distraction, and to enjoy what is around me. I refuse to voluntarily drag the social media horse through the gates of my attention and time.

We all have Trojan horses. It’s how we summon a sense of reason that can save us from the hoopla.

I’m Elsa Glover, and that’s my perspective.

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