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Change Of Pace Can Reawaken Beauty

I am no gearhead, but cars are cool.  For six years, I drove a very utilitarian minivan.  It’s great for family, but turning the key, I just feel stale. 

Last spring for a change of pace, I acquired a classic car-- a bright red, v8 engine  Mustang.  It’s been around, but it still has lots of life.  I giggled the first time I turned the key.  I gave the car some gas, laughing as the engine roared.  I revelled in Little Red’s power. 

Driving Little Red, I looked around more -- noticing the sky, the birds, the fields.  Everything was beautiful.  How could a car make me feel stronger? Driving Little Red, I felt alive! 

Then on the highway, other cars passed me.  The speedometer must have been a little off.  My mechanic worked hard, but my phone’s speedometer app was the only solution.  Using it, cars didn’t pass me.  Although I still giggled turning the key, driving Little Red wasn’t as fun. 

One day, I forgot to use my app and everything changed.  Driving slower, the beauty and strength returned.  Slowing my speed allowed me to savor the drive. 

I found it’s all about pace.  Sometimes I must  push that accelorator and go, go, go.  And sometimes, I must slow down and enjoy the view. 

Changing pace helps us to see our world differently.  And during this busy time,  we all should drive our own Little Reds to find the beauty again.

I’m Elsa Glover, and that’s my perspective.

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