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Who Will Today's Students Become?

This month, U.S. History students defined their generation for me.

No surprise, they recognized their teenage angst and identified their dependence on technology. They also argued for their innovative nature.

These kids understood they are a generation, like any other, with timeless human qualities and unique opportunities. Their clarity in their common identity amazed me.

Working with high school students, I often wonder who they will become after leaving school. Will they live out stereotypes or can they define themselves more uniquely? How will they use their power?

Society bestows power on certain people because of their position. Others gain power through manipulation. These sources of power impose a narrative to control society. Somehow that seems limiting.

I wonder if these teens will break through the social constructs and stereotypes. Will they use their unique qualities to define power as a value inside of themselves – their humanity? It is a choice to live with integrity and honor. That choice can liberate them to step in a new direction.

With their love of innovation, I believe these kids can indeed maintain their own identities even as they question themselves and the world. As they practice their new narrative, their power that will not limit society.

In the end, I hope they step into their individual power in this world.

Here's a shout-out to Mr. Osmon’s U.S. History Class. Keep taking those powerful steps forward.

I’m Elsa Glover, and that’s my perspective.

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