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A school year in the life of a teacher | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

Erik Czerwin
Erik Czerwin
Erik Czerwin

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast, one of my favorite episodes of the year --- a year in the life of a teacher.

Erik Czerwin is an English teacher at Guilford High School in Rockford, Illinois. You might know him from our annual “Top Education Issues of the Year” episode and -- if you listen to the Teachers’ Lounge Radio Showevery month on WNIJ -- you know him as our classroom correspondent.

Every episode, every month on the radio show, we catch up with Erik to hear what he and his students are up to. We talk about how much the pandemic is still impacting his students, how he’s changed as a teacher as he nears two decades in the classroom, and the fun and rewarding parts of teaching -- like coaching the chess team and nerf sword fights during the Shakespeare units.

It’s all there. A year in the making. Follow his journey and the ups and downs of the school year from August through May.

If you’ve never listened before, our show is based on an idea -- we’ve all had teachers in our lives who shaped who we are. And we want to hear about the teachers who inspired you or deserve a spotlight in your community. Every educator we have on this podcast, whether a teacher, coach, counselor, or professor, is nominated by our listeners.

So, tell us about the person who comes to your mind. Shoot us an email and nominate an educator at teacherslounge@niu.edu and they could be on the podcast! And subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to speed on everything to do with the show.


Educator(s) in this episode:

Erik Czerwin

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Music: Our show's theme music is from the northern Illinois-based band "Kindoves" and their songs "Popn," "Origins" and "Quiche." You can find more of their music on their Soundcloud page. You can also listen to the episode of WNIJ's own Sessions from Studio A where they were featured.

Teachers! People who know teachers! People with stories about teachers! Send us an email and be part of the show! Also, send us your topic recommendations: teacherslounge@niu.edu

Peter joins WNIJ as a graduate of North Central College. He is a native of Sandwich, Illinois.