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Drinkin' With Lincoln
Drinkin’ with Lincoln is a podcast from WNIJ that looks at Abraham Lincoln's life, land and legacy through the eyes of the people who know him best: Lincoln presenters (commonly known as Lincoln impersonators, a term many Lincoln presenters avoid). Each episode, a Lincoln presenter joins WNIJ history correspondent Clint Cargile as he explores sites significant (and sometimes not-so-significant) to Abraham Lincoln's life in Illinois.Then Clint and his guest Lincoln find the nearest brewpub or brewery to quaff a beer (sometimes two) so we can get to know the man behind the beard: where he comes from, why he does what he does, what makes him Lincoln.If you have a Lincoln-related topic you'd like us to cover, or a Lincoln presenter you'd like us to interview, contact us at lincoln@niu.edu.

Drinkin' With Lincoln Presents, Sippin With Suffragists: Susan B. Anthony

On this episode of Drinkin’ with Lincoln, we’re not drinkin’ with Lincoln at all. Host Clint Cargile marks the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote with a special spinoff episode we’re calling Sippin’ with Suffragists. To celebrate the occasion, he travels to Galena, Illinois, to interview one of the most famous suffragists of all: Susan B. Anthony.

Susan B. is portrayed by retired educator and history presenter Cathie Elsbree. Susan B. didn’t drink, but Cathie is more than happy to sip a beer at the Galena Brewing Company while discussing Susan B. Anthony’s life and legacy. She walks us through Galena’s rich history and gives a tour of historic (and supposedly haunted) DeSoto House Hotel, where Susan B. Anthony and her lifelong friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton stayed in 1869. We’ll also learn about Cathie and how she came to be a historical reenactor.

Sippin' and Tippin' with Susan

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage and also the 200th birthday of Susan B. Anthony. Cathie Elsbree is taking part in several events, including Sippin’ and Tippin’ with Susan, presented by the Women’s Suffrage Centennial 2020 Northern Illinois Celebration (WSC2020). It will be held February 11 at the University Club in Rockford. Proceeds benefit the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Sculpture project. Visit the WSC2020 Facebook page for more information on this event, and the many events planned for 2020: https://www.facebook.com/WSC2020IL

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Show Notes

Susan B. Anthony:

Cathie Elsbree

Locations Visited:

Galena History Musem

DeSoto House Hotel

Galena, Ill

Interview Location:

Galena Brewing Company

About Susan B. Anthony:

The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

Red Shawl

Alligator Purse

200th Birthday Party – Sippin’ and Tippin’ with Susan

Books mentioned:

Failure is Impossible: Susan B. Anthony In her Own Words by Lynn Sherr

Other Historical Presenters:

Laura Keyes (Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Mary Lincoln)

Women of Courage and Commitment


Women’s Suffrage Centennial 2020

League of Women Voters of Jo Daviess County

Gretchen Courtney & Associates

The Questers

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