Perspective: What Does It Take To Govern Well?

Apr 23, 2020

What does it take to govern a nation well?  This question has risen to the top of my list of concerns during these challenging Covid-19 days.  And yes, it has increased my level of anxiety about the future of our nation and its citizens.

Like me, you’re probably experiencing nagging anxieties about staying safe. Will I find toilet paper rolls today? Am I protecting myself enough when I bring groceries into the house, or after handling the pump at the gas station?  But a much broader and significant issue for me is leadership – leadership that secures the future of our well-being as individuals, families and a healthy nation. 

I know leadership theories and training can vary greatly, but I have found a common denominator of leadership excellence.  I call it “Maturity of Self-hood.”  It’s a leader who is secure as a person, who knows her strengths as well as what triggers negative reactions in her. It is someone who is passionate about new possibilities, but tempers this by listening to ideas and critiques from others.  Above all, effective leaders take responsibility for their actions, correcting perspectives and actions that are not helpful.

My husband describes an effective leader as a person who makes it plain that he does not have all the answers.  By so doing, such a leader respects others and learns from them, thus being open to compromise in order to move society toward genuine solutions that benefit all.

What would be your descriptions of a leader who personifies a “maturity of self-hood?”

I’m Connie Seraphine, and that is my Perspective on effective leadership.