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When Your Older Brother Is Your High School Teacher: A Family Of Teachers | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers’ Lounge, we have an entire family of teachers --the Goekes! Karl, Stacy and Rachel join Peter to talk about their experiences as educators going through the pandemic. We talked about how in-person school “normalcy” isn’t really that normal at all.


They’re all teachers at different schools at different grade levels -- so we get a look behind the curtain at every level of education! Also, Karl even taught Rachel’s Spanish class in high school. He had other siblings and cousins too!

“My principal was observing me and she's like, looking at me and then she's looking around the room she’s pointing at Rachel like ‘That…that’s your sister! And that’s your brother? Your brother and your sister are in the class with you?!’ I’m like ‘Yeah! Every day! For 84 minutes!’" said Karl. "It was pretty good. I don't know. Maybe it was awkward for you guys. But I was only like, 23.”

And now Rachel’s a Spanish teacher too!

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Educator in this episode:

Stacy Goeke

Rachel Enomoto

Karl Goeke

Stories Featured in this episode:

The DeKalb School District Is Bringing Back Students 5-Days-A-Week, A Year After COVID Shutdown


Our show's theme music is from the northern Illinois-based band "Kindoves" and their songs "Popn," "Origins" and "Quiche." You can find more of their music on their Soundcloud page. You can also listen to the episode of WNIJ's own Sessions from Studio A where they were featured.

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