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The STEM Read Podcast - Science Fiction to Fuel Science Fact

Episode 11: Science Fiction to Fuel Science Fact with Andy Weir and Joe Magliano

Welcome to Season 2! Every great leap forward starts with a burst of creativity. Someone sees the world as it is, dreams of what it could be, and then works to make the dream a reality. While writers use language and storytelling to inspire change, scientists use research and experimentation. On this episode of the STEM Read podcast we sit down with educational psychologistJoe Maglianoand best-selling author of The Martian Andy Weirto discuss the role of narrative in teaching science and the connections between the way writers and STEM experts use creativity to imagine and create a better world. 

Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read is part of the NIU STEAM family of programs that explore science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Find more great books, lesson plans, and resources at stemread.com.  

The STEM Read Podcast is produced in collaboration with WNIJ.

Notes & External Links

·      Learn more about Joe Magliano

·       Learn more about Andy Weir

·      International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE)

·      Argonne National Laboratory

·      Highlights from ISTE 2018 Keynotes including Andy Weir and Gillian King-Cargile

·      STEM Read’s Resources for The Martian

·      Learn more about NIU’s Psychology Program

·      What is cognitive science?

·      What’s situated learning? Odds are you saw it in school!

·      What are seductive details?

·      Check out the IES What Works Clearinghouse

·      Highlights from Andy Weir’s visit to Argonne National Lab

·      Hear others authors that we’ve talked to about “What If…?”

·      The Martian by Andy Weir

·      How popular is fanfiction?

·      Henry and Ribsy and more by Beverly Cleary 

·      Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Read Gillian’s Essay on using the book in classrooms

·      Sandia National Laboratories

·      Artemis by Andy Weir

·      Who is George R.R. Martin?

·      What is productive struggle?

·      Woodworking? There’s science in that too!

·      Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry 

·      Learn more about Koko the Gorilla

·      What was the Michelson-Morley Experiment?

·      Explore the Abraham-Minkowski Paradox

·      Warcraft II created by Blizzard Games

See 3DBear’s Augmented Reality Lesson Plans related to The Martian 

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