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The STEM Read Podcast: The Rise of F%@k

 Episode 5: The Rise of F%@k with Melissa Wright and M.C. Atwood

This episode of the STEM Read podcast contains strong language and a strong message. Join hosts Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile) and Kristin Brynteson (@kbrynteson) as we chat with linguistic Melissa Wright (www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-wright1316) and The Devil’s You Know author M.C. Atwood. We’ll explore the history, culture, and linguistics of swearing and examine the use of swearing as a tool to reveal character and breed empathy in YA literature.  

Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read is part of the NIU STEAM family of programs that explore science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Find more great books, lesson plans, and resources at stemread.com

The STEM Read Podcast is produced in collaboration with WNIJ.

Notes & External Links

·       The Devils You Know by M. C. Atwood

·       The Martian by Andy Weir

·       Feed by M.T. Anderson

·       “F%@k-a-doodle-do The Rooster” Wallpaper  

·       Melissa Wright, Denver Colorado

·       Learn more about NIU’S linguistics program!

·       The Brain Science of Cursing

·       What is a Semantic Shift?  

·       You can find the 10 most banned books of every year here!

·       “We need to understand why people assign such extreme meaning to words” Wallpaper

·       Are people who swear more honest?

·       The Neuroscience of Swearing

·       The F%@ck Infix Rule

·       Check out the Hamline MFA Program

·       More books by M.C. Atwood

·       Visit House on the Rock today!

·       The Doll Carousel

·        “It’s most important for literature to reflect what teens are going through.” Wallpaper

·       13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

·        “Don’t let use of strong language stop you from selecting a book that has a strong message” Wallpaper  

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