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Perspective: It's Time To Start Fresh


I’m always grateful for those opportunities to start again.  Beginning fresh, no mistakes, trying something different, more challenging.  Restarting offers us a chance at a perfect moment in the future. 

A perfect moment – what does it really hold?  Everyone getting along?  Having a good hair day and being on time?  Having that new idea work just right?  Cooking a steak to the just-right medium rare?  A perfect moment where I’ve strung words together that motivates someone.  It’s pure synchronistic magic. 

When we experience those perfect moments, we hold them close.  But the seconds bin of life moments creates raw opportunities.  Those not so easy moments where we said the absolute wrong thing.  Where our diet fell flat, where that new project died in disaster.  Where the holiday meal burnt. Because those moments occur more often, we must consider how to embrace them. 

Truly it’s not the moments or the projects or the meals.  It’s our passion that we put into these moments.  

We will fail.  We will fall short in 2019. 

It’s when we dust ourselves off and start again that matters.  Those moments unveil our authentic human condition and force us to choose our priorities, our character, and our resolution to begin again. 

We don’t have to wait a whole year to wipe the slate clean, to start again aiming a perfect moment in 2019.  We can restart each day, each time we choose to try again.

I’m Elsa Glover and that’s my perspective.

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