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Perspective: It's Black Friday! Let's go shopping...tomorrow.

Mark Adriane

I have never participated in Black Friday, so it seems about correct that my November Perspective is scheduled to run today.

It’s not that I don’t love to shop. On the contrary, I can feel the dopamine release when I walk through the mall swiping my credit card — or these days, when I go on a particularly exciting thrift shopping spree. But getting up at 4 a.m. to go to a crowded store just feels like a chore to me, even if I could get the perfect deal on matching family pajamas.

But last year, I accidentally shopped downtown DeKalb for Small Business Saturday. Feeling a bit guilty about my Amazon habit, I decided that I would head to Robin’s Nest. My kids always get “something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read” for the holidays. I decided that I would grab the “something to read” there.

It turns out that it was Small Business Saturday. I spent about two hours walking up and down Lincoln Highway and checking out the different shops.

I could wax poetic about why we should support small businesses, but I think that most of us already know this, even if we don’t manage to do it all the time. Instead, I’m just going to say that I had a fabulous time.

However you spend your holidays, I hope that you enjoy the season. And if you feel like it, maybe venture out tomorrow and check out our local shops. Last year, they all had cookies and other treats.

I'm Nia Norris and this is my perspective.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Nia Springer-Norris moved to DeKalb in 2021 to pursue a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Journalism Studies. Nia is also a freelance journalist, editor, and communication consultant.