The Reign Of Antiques In Sandwich

Aug 7, 2018
Peter Medlin

When people from Illinois think about Sandwich, they probably think of the Sandwich Fair. It’s one of the oldest county fairs in the state. But the city has another claim to fame: antiques.

At Prindi’s, one of Sandwich’s largest antique stores, a big sign adorns the front window reading “ANTIQUES.” But they sell more than just old items -- some are rare or just unique.

“Call it upscale garage sale,” said Prindi’s owner and namesake Roger Prindiville. “A lot of stuff that’s not antiques, but people love it.”

Sandwich Voters Decide Electrical Supplier Tuesday

Nov 3, 2014
Flickr user E Photos / "IMG_1927 - Power Lines" (CC v 2.0)

Sandwich residents will decide Tuesday if they want to use an electrical supplier other than ComEd. The Daily Chronicle reports it would allow residents to band together to secure the best rate from energy suppliers in the area.

DeKalb, Sycamore and Genoa participate in the program but have seen less savings in recent months than they did in 2012.

Our series of Community Close-ups continues with a look at the City of Sandwich, Illinois.  The city is perhaps best known for the Sandwich Fair, which bills itself as the oldest continuing county fair in Illinois.  But what about the rest of the year?  A place in the city’s downtown that has served as a focus of the community for generations. And it’s even older than the fair.

Suit Takes On "Freaky Fast" Claims

Oct 16, 2012
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An Illinois man hit by a Jimmy John's delivery driver wants to sue the Champaign-based company over its "freaky fast" delivery promise. But the sandwich maker says it shouldn't be held liable for its advertising slogans.