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Suit Takes On "Freaky Fast" Claims

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An Illinois man hit by a Jimmy John's delivery driver wants to sue the Champaign-based company over its "freaky fast" delivery promise. But the sandwich maker says it shouldn't be held liable for its advertising slogans.   Bob Reynolds alleges that "freaky fast" idea was motivating the delivery driver who hit him -- making the company partly responsible for his injuries. The accident happened in Springfield -- car-versus-motorcycle, leading to a broken leg and multiple surgeries. A trial judge dismissed the case, so Reynolds is asking the appellate court in Springfield to give him another shot.

But Jill Lewis, who represents Jimmy John's, says Reynolds did not allege "freaky fast" delivery is official company policy.

"He does not plead that there is an actual freaky-fast policy, nor can he because there is no such policy. As you said, it's advertising puffery." - Jill Lewis, Jimmy John's representative

Lewis says Illinois law has never held companies liable for injuries based on their advertising campaigns.

Illinois Public Radio's Brian Mackey contributed to this report