A Special Edition Student Teachers' Lounge & Learning Art During COVID-19 | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

Apr 17, 2020

This week, the Teachers’ Lounge is actually a Student Teachers’ Lounge. We have DeKalb Founders Elementary student teacher & Northern Illinois University senior, Evadne Bowlin.

Evadne talked to host Peter Medlin about how coronavirus affects her both as a student-teacher and just as a college student. We also got into her journey to education and how she’s kind of been a student teacher since the 7th grade.

Along with that, in this episode we also have stories about prison civics education and about how college students are learning and creating art from home with limited tech and resources.

We also want to invite you to be a part of the show. During this COVID-19 crisis, we want to hear from you: students, parents, teachers. Shoot us an email at teacherslounge@niu.edu and tell us what it’s been like learning or teaching from home and helping your kids with their e-learning. And if you want, you can record your thoughts into your phone and send the voice file to teacherslounge@niu.edu and we’ll include in the the show.

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Educator(s) in this episode:

Evadne Bowlin

Stories Featured in this episode:

Official Signals In-Person Classes Won’t Resume This School Year

Most Are Closed, But Some Illinois Child Care Centers Remain Open For Families Of Essential Workers

‘Zoom’ Ensembles And Building Forts: Overcoming Obstacles To Express Your Art In A Pandemic

‘We Were Told That We Couldn’t Do This’: People In Illinois Prisons Helped Create Civics Ed Program


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