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WNIJ Election 2024 Voter Hub

Election checklist: December 20, 2023 is the first day to apply for a vote by mail ballot. Here's how to do it.

Our Election 2024 coverage mission statement:

WNIJ believes in the value of an informed vote.

An informed voter has the information necessary to evaluate candidates and issues to make decisions using the power of their ballot.

That's why we believe election coverage should go well beyond just a rundown of results you hear on Election night.

Our coverage will be shaped throughout the year by directly engaging with people who live within the communities we serve and not driven by rehearsed talking points from candidates or outside agenda or influence.

In 2024, WNIJ will highlight areas of northern Illinois that have experienced dramatic shifts in the electorate over the past decade.

We will provide election information that is free, accessible, and available in a variety of formats and platforms and en español.

We're also partnering with local chapters of the League of Women Voters to bring you events and information about voting and the candidates before you head to the polls.

Illinois Voter Guide