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Teachers' Lounge Podcast: Summertime, Basic Skills, And The Last Graduating Class

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Teachers’ Lounge is a new podcast from WNIJ telling the stories of education in Illinois with the help of stories from Illinois educators. Join reporter Peter Medlin every other Friday (payday!) for a new episode. 

If you are a teacher, you know a teacher who you think should be on the show, or have a story about a teacher who inspired you -- send us an email at teacherslounge@niu.edu to join the conversation. 

Also, feel free to send us your ideas for stories and topics for the show to cover.


Listen/read more about the topics covered:

A School's Final Days Before Deactivation

Why Illinois Educators Welcome Halt To Basic Skills Test

Illinois Senate Passes $40,000 Minimum Teacher Salary Bill

Smaller Districts Brace For $40K Teacher Salary Plan

Illinois Reinstates Minimum Classroom Time

'The Best In A Generation': Higher Ed Board Members React To Legislative Session And State Budget

Teacher In This Episode:

Jackie Cleven, second-grade teacher at South Prairie Elementary in Sycamore

People Interviewed In This Episode:

Anthony Castaldo, Paw Paw High School Graduate

Kendall Haubaker, Former Paw Paw High School Student

Patty Torman, Retired Paw Paw Administrator

Katie Pasternak, Northern Illinois University Education Student

Laurie Elish-Piper, NIU Dean of the College of Education

Sue Scherer, Illinois State Representative (D-96)


Our show's theme music is from the northern Illinois-based band "Kindoves" and their songs "Popin," "Origins" and "Quiche." You can find more of their music ontheir Soundcloud page. You can also listen to the episode of WNIJ's own "Sessions from Studio A" where they were featured.

Teachers! People who know teachers! People with stories about teachers! Send us an email and be part of the show! Also, send us your topic recommendations: