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Perspective: Making Trouble

Lawrence Jackson
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Since March, we’ve faced impossible issues and  limited choices to make the best of bad decisions. 

Enduring stressful days trying to keep everyone healthy and alive, our jobs and schools have been in a constant state of flux.  With the new school year looming, we wonder how to prioritize the health issues involved in opening our schools.

There really isn’t a good solution. 

Our world erupted after George Floyd’s horrific murder. And we found ourselves wrestling with how we as a nation reconcile ourselves and our actions of racism.

There really isn’t a way to reconcile. 

I’ve sometimes joined dedicated people taking to the streets in our community, reminding us daily that Black Lives Matter.  With regular protests, they’ve discussed, listened, and demanded change here in DeKalb, pushing us to consider how we create a better and more perfect community.

There really isn’t a way to achieve “perfect”. 

John Lewis said, “Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.  We will find a way to make a way out of no way.” 

For our community to grow and for our schools to open safely, we must work and make good trouble. Good trouble creates opportunities for new ideas and solutions. It’s the only way out of what we once thought was no way.

We can be brave, have hope, and expect good things to come.  We just need to get comfortable with making some trouble.

I’m Elsa Gloverand that’s my perspective.

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