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Perspective: Sometimes The Worst Decision Is The Best Decision

Enrique Solares, 1910 - 1995

If you have ever skimmed a self-help book, you will be familiar with the current trend to plan ahead, strategize and focus.  In a world where so much seems beyond our control, they advise we channel our efforts into well-defined goals.  Unfortunately, such advice never seems to take into account the Enrique Solares approach to life.

Enrique Solares was my husband's uncle and a gifted musician.  When, in 1936, he was awarded a scholarship to study music in Belgium, his father threated to disinherit him.  As a founder of a successful pharmaceutical company in Guatemala, Enrique's father was adamant that he abandon music and dedicate himself to the family firm. 

On the boat to Europe, he met a young Czech actress.  Two days later the captain married them, so when he arrived in Brussels, he was not only disinherited and almost penniless, but he had a young wife in tow when Europe was on the cusp of World War II.  As Viera would confess later:  "most people would think we were foolish".

And contrary to everyone's expectations, it all turned out all right.  Happily married for over fifty years and a father of two daughters, Enrique became a successful conductor, composer and diplomat who spent years living in Rome, Paris, Lisbon and Madrid, before returning to his native land as a retiree.

So, if you fear taking a plunge into a less than sensible proposition, remember that Enrique Solares's rash decision turned out just fine.                                                                                                                           

I'm  Frances Jaeger and that's my perspective.

Listen to one of Enrique Solares' compositions, Canción de cuna, a lullaby he composed for one of his daughters.

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