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Perspective: Skating through life

Nia Springer Norris

I was walking with my kids to get a happy meal for lunch the other day and we passed by Fargo skate park. My daughter was mesmerized by the skateboards in the window. Someone saw her looking longingly inside and invited us in for a tour. When we came back into the store, she stood by a skateboard and insisted that if we didn't get it right away, someone would buy it out from under her.


I convinced her to walk to the McDonald's and we ate. My son wore a pirate costume and he left his sword on the table, which we didn't realize until we got back to the skate shop. My policy is that I don't go back for forgotten toys.


I was in a stalemate with my daughter about buying this skateboard that, according to her, we had to get today or she'd lose it. I bought the skateboard and my daughter was given a demonstration on the basics of riding by the owner.


What better way to spend your midlife crisis than learning to skateboard with your six year old? So we came back and went to beginner's skate together and learned a few things that I never got around to when my high school skateboard was collecting dust by my guitar.


On our way out, were given my son's sword. A boy had heard us talking about it and went back to get it for him. Can't wait to go back.


I'm Nia Norris and this is my perspective

Originally from Pittsburgh, Nia Springer-Norris moved to DeKalb in 2021 to pursue a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Journalism Studies. Nia is also a freelance journalist, editor, and communication consultant.