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Perspective: What do Illinois Republicans and Florida Democrats have in common?

Pixabay, Pixlr

Conservative Republicans in Illinois face what they consider to be the ominous SAFE-T Act amidst high crime rates, a state that proudly welcomes abortion seekers from neighboring states, and a hostile business climate that repels both jobs and people. A very liberal governor who can rely on a pliant legislature, and no statewide Republican officeholders, leave them with little recourse.

Liberal Democratic Floridians, on the other hand, face what they consider a very conservative governor and administration that ominously chant “where woke goes to die,” while threatening their most cherished values.

Forget who is right. Both groups deserve a voice, a hearing. Neither group gets that hearing because both live in one party states. Among the vital functions that political parties perform are balance, moderation, and restraint. Proposals need to be examined, challenged, and refined. Genuine debate requires a diversity of opinion. Political scientists agree on very little, but they tend to agree that two party systems generate these invaluable benefits.

Such a system is devilishly difficult to reconstruct once it is lost. But we must try. We must remember the admonition of Lord Acton that ”Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I am Bob Evans and that is my perspective.

Robert Evans is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics, Business and Accounting at Rockford University and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. He is actively involved in the Rockford University public policy program, trains managers on law-related topics, is a political consultant and analyst, and also serves on non-profit boards.