Mayor Tom McNamara

Juanpablo Ramirez-Franco

The Rockford Police Department is unveiling a first response pilot program aimed at addressing mental health crises. 


In response to emergency calls that involve a person experiencing a mental or behavioral health crisis, RPD, Rosecrance and several other agencies are partnering to develop an alternative to traditional law enforcement.


Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara says it could help de-escalate situations.


Rockford Police Department

The Rockford Police Department announced that the use of force at a police protest in May was lawful and justified.



After reviewing 120 hours of video footage and 90 police reports, the Rockford Police Department concluded that its use of pepper spray, tear gas and less lethal munitions during the May 30th protest were within proper procedure.

Mayor Tom McNamara said the decision was unanimous.

Connie Kuntz

Before becoming Rockford's mayor in 2017, Tom McNamara thought his biggest mayoral challenges would be crime and budget. Those remain at the top of his to-do list, but now alongside them is COVID-19. Every day, he makes decisions about the triple threat to Rockford's safety and economy.

"Decisions that get to me, all of them are unpopular," he said. "I mean the easy decisions are usually handled by staffs -- not just at the City, but staffs across the community -- so when decisions come to my desk, they are usually...certainly never easy; pre-COVID or during COVID."

City of Rockford

Rockford’s mayor says city services have remained relatively uninterrupted during the pandemic. 

Mayor Tom McNamara said a key measure early on was making sure staff could take care of themselves and loved ones.

“Where we provided all staff 14 days of paid sick leave to ensure that none of them were coming to work or doing work while they were sick, or while they had a family member who was sick with COVID-19, so that they could focus on what was most important to them, which should be their family.”

Connie Kuntz

Governor J.B. Pritzker was in Rockford on Friday with Mayor Tom McNamara, State Sen. Steve Stadelman, and State Rep. Maurice West. The Democrats came together to celebrate the progress of the $45 billion capital plan known as Rebuild Illinois.

Money from the plan is being used to improve statewide infrastructure like roads, bridges, education and broadband internet services. The governor also said that part of the money will go toward a much anticipated train project.

"We're dedicating $275 million to establish passenger rail service between Rockford and Chicago."

Connie Kuntz

Listen, believe, provide. That's the mission of Rockford's Family Peace Center. It will provide safety and services for survivors of violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder or dependent abuse, and human trafficking.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara announced that "Phase 1" of the center will open in the next six months. It will be located on North Main Street, across from the Coronado Theater.