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Rep. Keicher Wants Cleanup Of State Gambling Bill


An Illinois legislator says the state’s new gambling expansion bill needs to be cleaned up.

The state’s recent gambling expansion authorized the construction of six new casinos and legalized practices like sports gambling. Illinois State Representative Jeff Keicher says the law is vague over how legalized sports betting will work, such as how people can bet on specific sports. He hopes the General Assembly can clear that up.

“Let’s bring it out of the shadows. Let’s put it in a place where we can watch it, we can pay attention to it. We can offer help to the people that need help recovering from gambling addictions but we also are able to keep our Illinois infrastructure strong and thriving,” he said.

Keicher adds that the vagueness in the law also reduces the appeal of sports gambling.

“We’re missing out on a whole fall season of NFL sports and NBA sports where those are some of the largest wagered items," he said. "And those folks who participate in sports books are now seeking, you know, Indiana, Wisconsin opportunities for where they can do that.”

Currently, sports betting in Illinois requires gamblers to first register with a casino before being able to make use of an operator’s app or in-person services.  After 18 to 24 months, the law will open up the market to other operators, such as betting websites.