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The STEM Read Podcast: Springboards For Wonder With John Green And Melanie Koss

Author John Green has chronicled love, loss, and mental illness in his award-winning young adult novels like The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and Turtles All the Way Down. He weaves wonderful stories in his novels and his YouTube series’ like Mental Floss, Crash Course, and the Vlogbrothers videos he exchanges with his brother Hank Green.

His latest book is The Anthropocene Reviewed, an essay collection rating life itself. STEM Read director Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile) will talk to John Green about his new book, his writing process, and his decision to take a break from fiction.

Joining her on the interview is Melanie Koss, associate professor of literacy education at Northern Illinois University’s College of Education. After the interview, Melanie and Gillian will share ideas for using The Anthropocene Reviewed as a springboard for wonder in classrooms, writing and life.

The STEM Read podcast is produced in association with WNIJ. Support for the STEM Read podcast comes from NIU STEAM and Northern Illinois University.

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