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The STEM Read Podcast - Batman Is A Maker

From clever costumed superheroes to persistent little girls, makers come in all shapes and sizes. Host Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile) will highlight new stories that focus on thinking, tinkering, and making. First, she’ll interview Ruth Spiro (@RuthSpiro), author of Made By Maxine and the Baby Loves Science series, about her latest book Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever. The book explores the friendship between two very different makers who want to build, grow, and make the world a little more functional and fabulous.

Then, she’ll interview Varian Johnson (author of The Parker Inheritance) (@varianjohnson) and Darian Johnson (@darianbjohnson). They’re twin brothers with backgrounds in structural engineering and technology and they just collaborated on a Batman comic in the new DC book Flash Facts: Ten Terrific Tales about Science and Technology. The comic anthology shares fun adventures with superheroes exploring everything from 3-D printing to the depths of the ocean to outer space. The comic anthology was edited by Mayim Bialik, who is a real-life PhD and one of the stars of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

The STEM Read podcast is produced in association with WNIJ. Support for the STEM Read podcast comes from NIU STEAM and Northern Illinois University.

Ruth Spiro

Varian Johnson and Darian Johnson

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