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Statewide: A lawsuit over a town's water quality

Residents of one Illinois community filed a class action lawsuit against their city over the quality of the water supply. A bad odor, discoloration and even high levels of lead made the tap water nearly unusable, according to the residents. We take a closer look at the issue.

We hear from parents navigating the public health and political interests when it comes to masks in schools. And there's an effort to bring more doctors to rural areas.

Those stories and more on Statewide.

Our rundown:

* Steph Whiteside looks at a medical school's effort to add more physicians in rural communities.

* Kristen Schorsch reports on a plan to track outpatient drugs that can help fight COVID-19.

* Sarah Nardi of WGLT talks with parents who say masking their students is not about politics, but rather keeping them safe.

* Eric Schmid follows up on his investigation into structural safety of warehouses, such as the one in Edwardsville that collapsed during a December tornado, killing six.

* Yvonne Boose brings us the story of a northern Illinois music organization that recently celebrated the life of a folk singer.

* Michelle O'Neill interviews the author of the book Tractor Wars.


* Peter Medlin looks at lead levels in water. The town of Sycamore faces a class action lawsuit from residents. First up, a report on water testing procedures in schools. Then, we hear from residents who say they've received little guidance for dealing with lead.

* Emily Hays has a conversation with the new Decatur Public Schools Superintendent Rochelle Clark, who is taking over at a challenging time.

* Jake Harper and Lauren Bavis of Side Effects Public Media report on how incarcerated people often face retaliation for calling out staff sexual misconduct.
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