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Mobile Studio

WNIJ and WNIU believe stories are gifts. And we want to help you share!
Request the Mobile Studio

Our mobile studio is built to help you facilitate conversation, and to capture and archive that important act.

How does it work?
We provide the mobile and self-contained recording studio on site, including trained professional and volunteer audio engineers, and trained interview facilitators. Optionally, the WNIJ team can provide post production and archives.

Why Participate?
Promote listening: Preserve the life stories of your community members, and facilitate meaningful interactions between community members.

Build an archive: Develop your organization’s oral history collection, and add voices and perspectives that are currently missing.

Create dynamic public programming: Bring new audiences to your organization by inviting them to record their own stories, or to take part in listening events.

Partner in new ways with peer organizations: Forge meaningful connections with partner organizations for a shared project goal.

What is needed?
Parking space - minimum 3 standard parking spaces, or about 30'x 60' (to allow parking and maneuvering)
20A 120V electrical service in proximity
That's it! All you need to do now is...

Get in touch to learn more
Email us at NPR@niu.edu or click the button below, we'd love to learn about your projects and ideas!

Request the Mobile Studio

Seed money for the project was provided by Northern Illinois University, The Robert’s Family Foundation and the DeKalb County Community Foundation.