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Perspective: Is It Time For A Divorce, America?

Chris Angelini

Southern diarist Mary Chestnut wrote the following in the ever-escalating period leading up to the Civil War: “We are divorced North from South, because we hated each other so. If we could only separate politely, and not have a horrid fight for divorce.”


So, here we are in 2021 with a vocal minority of the country numbering in the millions living in a parallel universe not grounded in objective fact and holding a perverted sense of the meaning of “tyranny.” On top of that are a disturbing number of elected officials who are either too cowardly or too stupid to admit the truth to the constituents they represent. 

I have a long-held, albeit fantasy-based solution to our current state that is very anti-union and anti-Lincoln: an amicable divorce. There is plenty of space within the continental United States for this minority to set up their own country made in their own image.

Eligible citizens for this new country would be those who believe the following: the 2020 election was stolen, mask-wearing is a form of tyranny, climate change is a hoax, the environment is to be exploited and not preserved, that anyone who wants to can wield as many assault rifles and carry as much ammunition as their bodies can hold anywhere they want, that all science is subjective in terms of  one’s political beliefs, that all immigrants by definition are lesser human beings, and that being white is automatically better than being a person of color. 

That way, we will all get some peace from the wear and tear of knowing that the other side is so very, very wrong. 

I’m Andrew Nelson, and that’s my Perspective.

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