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Perspective: All Of Life's Beauty

Josh Dettman

Perspectives are determined by where we have come from, dictate where we want to go moving forward, and can create or destroy our own empathy towards others.

Recently, a near lifelong friend of mine rallied himself and a group of his closest friends to road trip to the deep south for a golf week. For the prior 27 months my good friend has fought the battle of his life having been struck with a sudden stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Many nights have passed that have I tried to understand his remaining perspective on the world. However, over the weeklong adventure, I saw in his eyes the man he truly is. A man of balanced spirit, genuine competitive drive, and of course pure love for his world.

Credit Josh Dettman
Shane Doyle and Josh Dettman

As we approached on foot up to the 115th hole of the 4-day long golf fiasco, a par 3 green draped in gray skies and scattering rain drops, he spoke with a smile. Asking all of us if we knew what the bird who was staring at us, was. This blue-haired crane, as one of our southern-born mates pointed out, was perched and snacking above a bunker -- watching us play what had to undoubtedly be, in her perspective, a foolish and ridiculous game. After being told its specie he looked at me and said, “before cancer I never saw the little beautiful things in the world. Nature was always around me and only now do I see the beauty in life everywhere.”

My heart sank and my eyes teared. Life surrounded by life, encircled with love and empathy is what matters, I thought. My friend’s perspective caused him to evolve his own love for the world, selflessly and without hate. If we all can take the time to learn to appreciate life in all its forms, every day, with love and courage perhaps the world around us will understand the human perspective, and we can all live in harmony together.

This is Josh Dettman, and that’s my perspective.

Josh Dettman is a Rockford native and a graduate of  Northern Illinois University. He works as an analyst for Nicor Gas and is an avid golfer.