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Perspective: Policy Makers, Not Provocateurs

Hyperpartisanship, thy name is immigration.

Republicans stress security and citizenship. They charge Democrats with endangering the culture in a callous attempt to harvest votes.

Democrats stress diversity and offer a haven for refugees. They charge Republicans with cultural closedmindedness. Republicans are crabbed nationalists at best, racists at worst.

This is not debate. It is demonization. Partisans stand on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon, mindlessly hurling imprecations at each other. We must bridge this abyss.

We do need enhanced border security, but through a diverse variety of measures. We desperately need more administrative judges to process the asylum claims. Justice delayed is indeed justice denied.

We need also to address the cases of the people already here. We are not going to round up and deport millions of people. We should sort the diverse claims and treat each category justly. We must face the issues and stop tearing at the fabric of our nation. We must also address the intolerable Central American conditions that drive people this way.

We require solutions. We should replace the provocateurs in both parties with genuine policy makers. Then we would no longer have to say hyperpartisanship,  thy name is immigration.

I'm Bob Evans, and that is my perspective.

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