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The Assurances Of Spring

Can you believe this weather?

On Easter it was cold, very cold, then it snowed. Soon it will be in the middle 60s. What’s up? It’s on everyone’s mind, the Midwest spring/winter roller coaster. 

Let me remind everyone: We have had chilly, very chilly, and wet weather as late as Memorial Day. I remember standing in the clammy climate cheering on my kids who were marching in a parade, shivering down to my damp toes. 

It’s the Midwest – the place where you will often hear people say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes: It will change!” It’s part of what makes Midwestern people, well … Midwestern. Hardy – our ability to ebb and flow regardless of what is in front of us.

The endurance and determination of my fellow Midwestern folk is much like the weather. Keeping ourselves rooted and focused, steady, valuing common sense and adaptability, no matter what goes on around us. It’s a gift we have. 

I know by the end of April we good folk will have run out of our enduring patience begging the warm breeze to stay. We hover over tips of green peeking up each day from beneath the winter debris. We breathe deeply the smell of all things growing that allows hope to root itself in our hearts, while we gather our wits, pull our coats tighter and leap into summer.

Midwesterners love the four seasons. We know all things change, and so do we.

I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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