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Do The Right Thing -- For The Future

Don’t you love this weather? Mild days, cool nights and a slight breeze to keep the sweat away when you’re working or playing outdoors.

Yes, its fall. Still let’s think about this. We have not had reasonable rain in 19 days. Heat, hot weather is what ripens tomatoes, so the red fruit is lagging in production. Early this spring, torrential rains turned strawberries to mush and mold. In my garden the mildew is rampant. It needs a little heat.

Climate Change is real, at least for me. I see it when I stand in the fields. I hear about it when I read the news from Florida, Louisiana and Texas. I don’t need research to know the weather is wacky. I feel it in my bones.

Every day I take little steps to reduce my impact on the planet. I use rags instead of paper towels; I compost veggie waste. I choose not to turn on the air conditioning this summer, and to walk or take a bike for local trips. I prepare food from local farmers, and I hang-dry our clothes, and much more.

I cannot make the policy people do the right thing. I can do the right thing -- not for me; for my future grandchildren and their children. I can live, as native people did long ago, thinking seven generations ahead.

Because I know the planet will survive, the question is really: Will humankind?

I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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