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Reassessing The Light In The Tunnel

I wonder what it will take? Really, don’t you wonder what it will take for members of Congress to hold the president accountable for making choices and decision that could dramatically impact this country?

My mother used to say, “I promise I will never threaten you.” So, guess what: When she said something would happen — it did. My mother did not believe in false exaggerations of anything, a down-to-earth woman who did not appreciate grandstanding.

How about some accountability in the White House and less shooting from the hip? How about understanding that keeping a nation of people on the edge and living in a state of unpredictability is unhealthy for everyone — not just the folks in Washington DC.

It’s not that I want meaningless assurances from leaders. What I want is to believe that, even though there are difficult and life-altering events possible, the president and his administration have their feet firmly rooted in calm, deliberate exploration of solutions and responses. Where is the party that will rein him in?

I will say this about Mr. Trump: Who he was on the campaign trail is who he is today. While it may be fun at a rally with your supporters to blast out unfiltered messages, it is unbecoming of a statesman and a leader. I expect more from a president but we got exactly what we thought -- a man child in an adult body.

In my last perspective I said, “That light at the end of tunnel is not a train, it’s hope.”

Well, folks, look out! Here comes the train!

I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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