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Not Too Late For Christmas Wishes

“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…” Remember that song? I do. Oh, if it were only that simple.

What do I want for Christmas? I want civility, kindness, compassionate relationships with our world partners. I want a leader who brings people together over solutions, not creates divides so wide, sometimes even families can’t reach across to each other.

I want our country to stand on the world stage and fight global warming, reduce systemic poverty, and be a source for ideas that end human suffering. The more I consider what I want for Christmas, the longer the list grows.

I want a Congress that is willing to do what is right for the general warfare. I want thoughtfulness in leadership. I want leaders who can model the kind of behavior that develops character and inspires creativity, not inflicts criticism like a sharpened knife.

I know, I want a lot. I want immigrants to be welcomed in this country and people with black and brown skin to feel safe, protected. I want women to be valued because they are valuable, not objectified. Mostly I want everyone to have a place at the table of prosperity and equality.

Not possible you say? Well, if you believe the story of a baby in a manger who came to save the world, then anything is possible.

Oh, one last thing Santa: Would you throw in an official Red Rider Carbine-Action 200 Shot Range Model BB Rifle with a compass in the stock, just in case?

Happy Holidays Everyone! I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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