Mahesh Subramony

Perspective: What IF People 'Go Back?'

Aug 12, 2019

A Marvel character snaps his fingers and half of our population turns into dust. That is an alluring thought for some. What if a large swath of our population not born in the U.S. similarly exited, to “go back home?”  

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Students in the School of Business at Northern Illinois University are holding what they call their “Golden Heart Celebration” Monday. The ceremony honors two of their own who were killed in an office shooting in Aurora February 15 -- senior Trevor Wehner and alumnus Clay Parks. It’s also Wehner’s Golden Birthday: he would have been 22 on April 22.

Perspective: Real Humans

Mar 4, 2019

Trevor Wehner came to class early, every morning. Then, he made his tour of the faculty offices – joking with the staff, sharing bits of news, and always dazzling us with his big and generous smile. That Thursday, his smile was broader than usual as he was excited to start his internship. We were tickled, to learn that his internship supervisor would be Clay Parks, a “once in a decade” alum.

Mahesh Subramony

Feb 28, 2019

Mahesh Subramony is professor of management at Northern Illinois University, where he conducts research related to the human side of services; and teaches human resource management and management consulting to undergraduate business students, as well as organizational behavior in the MBA program.