Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Severe staffing cutbacks are overwhelming the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's enforcement efforts. 

Guy Stephens

There are signs of activity in a decades-long effort to clean up an Illinois Superfund site. But it’s still unclear when full remediation will occur.  

The Illinois EPA is offering residents the chance to dump some of their hazardous household waste.  

It plans several collection days across the state on Saturdays during May and June, including a May 13 collection in Ottawa. 

The sites will accept products such as antifreeze, weed killer, paint thinner, and outdated medicine. However, some waste is off limits, including smoke detectors, business waste, and explosives.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency resumed sending out vehicle emissions test notices last month. That puts an additional requirement on certain drivers who want to renew their license plates after June 1.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office suspended the required emissions tests last December because the IEPA stopped sending out notices to motorists, due to the state budget impasse.