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A state audit found that Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget office failed to collect more than $2 million in federal rebates.

The review released Tuesday found that the Governor's Office of Management and Budget never received $2.4 million in rebates owed for payments the state makes on bond debt.

Auditor General Frank Mautino found no evidence the office tried to collect the money. Five other receipts show Illinois left an additional $183,000 combined on the table.

The office is responsible for preparing the governor's annual state budget and tracking revenue and spending.

Former Illinois State Representative and current Auditor General Frank Mautino may never have to pay a $5,000 fine to the Illinois Board of Elections.

The fine was levied after Mautino failed to disclose additional information about his campaign spending. He currently is the subject of a federal investigation regarding expenditures of around $400,000 in campaign funds at a Spring Valley bank and service station.

The Illinois State Board of Elections is fining Auditor General Frank Mautino’s former campaign committee over a complaint that he failed to properly report some $380,000 in spending.

Mautino’s current job is to review the spending of state agencies; election officials have been trying to review Mautino’s own campaign spending for his years as an Illinois State Representative.

Campaign reports show hundreds of thousands of dollars going to a single gas station — without explaining what the money paid for.

An Illinois State Board of Elections hearing officer is expected to issue a recommendation next month regarding allegations that the state's auditor general violated campaign finance disclosure laws while serving as a Democratic state representative.


Hours of testimony were heard Thursday on the issue of whether Frank Mautino's now-defunct campaign committee must update spending reports to provide additional details about how money was spent.

The Illinois Board of Elections will conduct a public hearing on Auditor General Frank Mautino’s campaign spending later this week. 

Mautino previously served as LaSalle County’s state representative, but federal authorities grew suspicious of his campaign accounts. They launched an investigation in May, finding Mautino spent $200,000 on car repairs and gas at a local service station, and a similar amount at Spring Valley City Bank.

House Dist. 76: Long Challenges Skoog

Oct 26, 2016
Candidate Websites and Social Media

Illinois' 76th House District race is between incumbent Andy Skoog (D) and challenger Jerry Long (R). 

Jerry Long is a Streator native with 30 years of experience as a Teamsters driver.  He ran for the 76th House seat in 2014 but was defeated by Democrat Frank Mautino.  In the past,  Long wrote columns for the Ottawa Times under the Write Team and served in the U.S. Air Force.  Long's campaign website indicates he's strongly pro-life, pro-second amendment, and says welfare should be a hand up, not a handout.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says Auditor General Frank Mautino will be “vindicated.”

Mautino has been auditor general since January.

He's under scrutiny for campaign expenses from his time as a state representative.

He has acknowledged there's a federal investigation, and the state board of elections is holding hearings. 

Madigan says Mautino will come out on top when they're finished.

Illinois Board of Elections officials say Auditor General Frank Mautino didn't file amended campaign disclosure reports and could face a public hearing.  

Election board Executive Director Steve Sandvoss tells The State Journal-Register Mautino didn't file the amended reports by Monday's deadline. The hearing would look into Mautino's use of campaign money while serving in the Illinois House.

The Illinois Auditor General has bought himself some time to tell state investigators how he spent his campaign funds.  But not a significant amount.

Frank Mautino is under investigation by the Illinois Board of Elections and US Attorney’s Office for allegedly spending more than $500,000  in campaign funds on car repairs and payments to a Spring Valley bank while a member of the Illinois House. 

He has declined to answer questions about his campaign financing, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

The State Board of Elections is delaying its decision on whether to suspend a review into the campaign spending of Auditor General Frank Mautino pending a separate federal probe.


The spending scrutiny covers the Spring Valley Democrat's former time as a legislator, including more than $200,000 spent at an alderman-owned service station.

The board is asking Mautino to explain expenditures because of a citizen complaint.

Mautino Pleads The Fifth

Jun 10, 2016

  Former State Representative Frank Mautino has asserted his Fifth Amendment rights amid continuous questioning of his campaign spending.  

He is under investigation for spending nearly half a million dollars in campaign money for personal use at a Spring Valley bank and  continuous repairs at a Spring Valley service station. 

Mautino’s attorney also wants an extension to a July 1st deadline to amend his campaign reports.    

The Web Times reports that the elections board will consider Mautino's latest request at its Monday meeting.

A Democratic state lawmaker wants Democratic Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino to take a leave of absence after learning federal officials questioned him about campaign expenses.

In a letter sent Wednesday, state Sen. Laura Murphy of Des Plaines asks Mautino to step aside until the investigation is complete. Murphy says a leave is in the best interest of state government and taxpayers.

Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino continues to remain evasive on the subject of campaign spending.

A former Democratic state representative, Mautino  has been asked repeatedly about campaign spending during his time as a legislator. 

It’s the subject of a recent complaint with the state board of elections.  Highlights include $250,000 for car repairs and gas at a single service station and an equivalent amount paid to a bank.

Members of the Illinois State Board of Elections today took another step in their investigation of Auditor General Frank Mautino.

They voted to ask for more information about his campaign spending — spending that Republicans have called excessive.

Campaign finance reports show Mautino, a Democrat, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Spring Valley Bank and a single service station.

The election board gave Mautino’s old fundraising committee until July 1 to turn over more documentation.

Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino told lawmakers today he doesn't want people to question his integrity. But he declined to respond to questions.

Illinois Republican lawmakers used a legislative audit  hearing to continue pressuring Mautino on what his critics call excessive... and possibly unethical... spending listed in his campaign finance reports.   

Mautino, who took office in January after years as a Democratic state representative, says he'll answer those questions on May 16 at a hearing with the State Board of Elections.

Questions continue to swirl regarding irregular campaign expenses reported by Auditor General Frank Mautino from his time as a Democratic state representative.

Republican legislators formally requested in February that Mautino explain the spending.

State Representative Grant Wehrli of Naperville says three months later ... they're still waiting.

He and other Republicans held a press conference expressing their frustration. They also released a copy of a letter they just sent Mautino ... saying his delay is eroding the public's trust in his office.

An Illinois lawmaker announced he will receive treatment for cancer.

State Rep. Frank Mautino of Spring Valley says his doctor found a mass in his esophagus during a routine physical in January. The Democrat says he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer after a biopsy in February.