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Mautino May Never Have To Pay $5,000 Board Of Elections Fine


Former Illinois State Representative and current Auditor General Frank Mautino may never have to pay a $5,000 fine to the Illinois Board of Elections.

The fine was levied after Mautino failed to disclose additional information about his campaign spending. He currently is the subject of a federal investigation regarding expenditures of around $400,000 in campaign funds at a Spring Valley bank and service station.

The Ottawa Times reports that the elections board could ask the Illinois Attorney General to pursue the matter. However, officials can't recall an instance in which the office has used that power.

With other agencies unwilling to pursue collecting the fine due to the low amount, the only incentive for payment is an prohibition of Mautino getting on a state ballot. But Mautino can’t run for elected office while auditor general. Furthermore, he will be close to retirement age at the end of his ten-year term.